The introduction of the Proliner 3d has become a revolutionary technological development in the marine trimming industry.

The fabrication of boat covers is at times a consuming affair and a quality cover rests solely  on accurate templates.

This new method enables our fabricators to produce consistently accurate templates as well as increasing quality assurance.

With the Proliner our fabrication is quite a different process to our compeditors. We can generate extremely accurate digital template of your desired cover in minutes. The Cover is drawn out further in Cad & translated to our flat bed plotter/cutter ready for our skilled team to assemble.

Designs can be easily digitised, altered or reproduced later without the need for physical template storage.

The Proliner 3d is the optimal solution for our industry.




Our Plotter/cutter CNC runs over a state of the art vacuum table that holds the fabric down flat against the cutting surface to ensure a precise cut by the cutter that works in a  similar process to the way a pizza cutting wheel works.

The result is a very accurate clean cut which separates the cut panels completely from the surrounding material.

One of the many advantages of building our products with this cutter considerably reduces fabric waste which in return reduces the amount of fabric you are quoted on and reduces the inviromental impact to the fabrication your covers